IMO Lottery Winner Nepal

IMO has now paired up with KBC head office dehli in the great deed of helping people change their lives through a huge cash prize. You’ve already heard about the KBC lottery and how easy it is to take part in it, right?

The process for the IMO lottery is the same. But here you enter the KBC draw using your IMO number and win if you’re lucky enough.

What is the IMO lottery?

The IMO lottery is just like buying a JIO sim card and using your phone number to enter the draw. If you did not get a chance to buy the KBC lottery and wish to enter the draw 2022, you can now use the IMO to enroll in the next draw.

The IMO lottery lets you use your phone number to enter the KBC lottery and win up to 25 lacs prize money. Sounds great, right? if you have IMO then be quick in registering for the lottery. And if you do not have the app, download it and get yourself registered right away.

IMO Lottery Winner in Nepal

Are you looking for a confirmed winner of the IMO KBC lottery 2021? Before you step into the draw, it is ideal for you to check the list of recent winners so you know you too stand a chance. Thus, here are the names of a few winners of the IMO lottery winner in Nepal:

  1. Ajay Sharma
  2. Dharmendra Sharma
  3. Deepak Kumar Yadav
  4. Ghanshyam Chaudhry
  5. Sangraam Lal
  6. Rohtika Sharma
  7. Savalam Udaya
  8. Sunil Pradhan
  9. Pallavi Nalawde
  10. Anthony Prasanna J
  11. Tejpal Sharma
  12. Qamar Masood
  13. Gourave Chana
  14. Ruchi Malviya
  15. Gurnathan Shiva

These are the few of the many lucky winners of the IMO KBC lottery who have won prize money ranging between 25 lacs to 35 lacs. Sounds amazing, right? If you are satisfied with the authenticity of the lottery, go ahead and give it a try!

How to Register for IMO KBC Lottery?

Registering for the KBC lottery is very simple. If you are unable to buy the lottery ticket and wish to participate in the draw with the new season of KBC head office india number, you still have a chance.

Do you have IMO? Download the app, make an account and use the number to enter the draw. You can visit the official KBC website here to gain further information about the lottery. Once you have entered using the number, log on to the website daily for the drawers. Every day KBC announces a winner and hence, use your number to check the list of new winners.

We’ve already mentioned the IMO KBC lottery winners of the year 2021. The new season of KBC will start at the beginning of 2022 and hence, you can get registered for the lottery right away.

The process is simple and so is the draw. KBC and IMO have tried to make things easier for people who cannot participate in the show yet still have a chance to win big.


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