Jio Lottery Winner List 2020

Jio Lottery Winner List 2021 – Kbc Lucky Draw Helpline 0019188444111

Jio lottery winner list 2021 with the helpline of KBC jio head office number 0019188444111 to get cash price on time. Get the complete list of Jio kbc lottery winners 2021 on Whatsapp also.

Beware: There are a lot of scammer guys who are sending sms from Pakistan, if you receive a call from these numbers like 0092****** & 00923******* don’t contact them and don’t reply to them. they will ask you to send them 10000 rs for the lottery and kbc do not ask for the money to anyone.

Kbc Jio Lottery Winner List 2021 Result

Jio lottery winner list 2021 result updates and having new functionality in it to view, Jio customers can participate easily in the kbc lucky draw 2021. Kbc jio lucky draw held every day we provide the latest list of kbc jio lottery winner. Results will be updated and easy to read with the name and hidden numbers with jio lottery number to check-in online portal. Be Careful from Jio Lottery Fraud there are some guys who are scamming from Pakistan we are providing here some precautions to avoid fraud.

  • Please don’t deposit money to any account related to jio lottery.
  • Don’t reply to the number mentioned above samples.
  • Only the kbc lottery number 0019188444111 is the legal number.
  • Register complain to kbc regarding the fake number.

25 Lakh Jio Lottery Winner List 2021

25 lakh jio kbc lottery winner check online regarding your lottery winner number it behalf of kbc sim card lottery no need registrations for jio customers to get the price of 25 lakh lottery you can be selected for the lottery by lucky draw 2021. This is the program of kbc sim card lucky draw. in this participation, you can be chosen by KBC All India Sim Card Lucky Draw Competition 2021 anytime.

Jio 25 Lakh Lottery Winner List Of January 2021:

Mr Vihaan Winning Amount 25 Lakh Date 2 January 2020

Mr Reyansha Winning Amount 25 Lakh Date 2 January 2020

Mr Arnav Winning Amount 25 Lakh Date 2 January 2020

Mr Ansh Winning Amount 25 Lakh Date 2 January 2020

Mr Dhruv Winning Amount 25 Lakh Date 2 January 2020

Mr Ishaan Winning Amount 25 Lakh Date 2 January 2020

Mr Rudhra Winning Amount 25 Lakh Date 2 January 2020

Mr Chetan Winning Amount 25 Lakh Date 2 January 2020

Mr Rahul Winning Amount 25 Lakh Date 2 January 2020

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KBC JIO Lottery Winner 2021 List WhatsApp l JIO Lottery Helpline Number

Have you ever won a lottery yet? Have you tried your luck with a lottery? if you haven’t, then you should! But not just any lottery, rather invest in the KBC JIO lottery and get a chance at winning big.

But has anyone ever won the KBC head office dehli JIO lottery before? Yes, many people have! If you are looking for any information regarding the KBC JIO lottery, read along to know more.

What is KBC JIO Lottery?

KBC lottery has become very common since the day it was first introduced. Hence, the increase in demand made it difficult for everyone to get one. This is when KBC decided to pair up with JIO and together both the big names came up with the KBC JIO lottery.

How to Check KBC JIO Lottery?

Participating in the KBC JIO lottery is very easy. All you need to do is buy the JIO sim card and use the number to enter the lottery. Moreover, make your WhatsApp using the JIO sim card number and play the lottery.

Then you can easily log on to the KBC website using the number to check the lottery status. The best part about the KBC JIO lottery is that winners are announced every day and the list is updated daily.

Has anyone won the lottery through their WhatsApp number? Yes, and here are a few names:

  1. Ms. Bharti Saluja
  2. Ms. Jaya
  3. Mr. Ajay Singh
  4. Ms. Ruchika
  5. Mr. Rohit
  6. Mr. Umang
  7. Mr. Giriraj Parsad

These people were among the many lucky ones who won 25 lacs by playing the KBC JIO lottery using their WhatsApp numbers.

JIO Lottery Helpline Number

Are you thinking of trying your luck with the KBC JIO lottery? if yes, then go ahead and buy the JIO sim to enter the draw. But are you still confused about the lottery? how does it work? And how will you get the money if you win?

To get more information about the lottery you can call the KBC WhatsApp number 0019188444111 or call the head office for complete assistance. Our representatives are available between working hours to provide you with answers to your questions.

The KBC JIO lottery is easy to play and the draw is very fair. You do not have to spend a lot on buying the lottery or the JIO sim or spend a lot of effort on making WhatsApp. The draw for the year 2022 will start with a new season of Sony KBC winner 2021. Once the 13th season is aired, the KBC will carry out the lottery and announce winners every day.

So, to enter the draw you need to buy the lottery ticket or simply use the JIO sim card number to participate. The winning amount ranges between 25 lacs to 35 lacs and thus, if you win, the prize money is enough to help you change your life.

Hence, you still have time to prepare for the lottery and gear to participate!

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