KBC Head Office Number 2022

KBC Head Office Number 2022

 The Announcement and Selection of KBC Lottery Winners 2022

To verify your identity, Kbc lottery winner provides the lottery number to you via your mobile. The reason behind this is that scammers are sending various fake messages, emails and WhatsApp emails in order to KBC customers. Many fraudulent instances were disclosed to KBC in which customers’ information was stolen and abused. Additionally scammers have also demanded customers to pay funds in their bank accounts. KBC suggests its clients to beware of scammers, and avoid sharing information with anyone who has sent an untrustworthy text message or email, or a phone call.

The chosen winners for this year’s Online KBC Game are available on our website. We update the site with news, and the most up-to-date information regarding lotteries and KBC Games, in addition to other announcements related to KBC. The list includes KBC lottery winners 2022 list on WhatsApp and winners from different KBC lotteries.


What is the process to apply for KBC through IVR

KBC offers its customers a variety of options. This includes the ability to connect with KBC via IVR, also known as Interactive Voice Response. Here are some instructions to be followed:

First step:

  • Dial 5052525Selection A: 01

  • Option B Call 02

  • Select C. Dial 03

  • Select A: Dial 04

  • Step 2.Choose the language you prefer. You have two options: English as well as Hindi.

  • Step 3.Next you’ll be asked to input your information, including your gender, age, qualifications and more.

  • step 4: After you have entered your information input, the interactive voice will then proceed to an acknowledgement note and then end the call.

Lottery Registration

The registrations have opened to participate in this year’s WhatsApp KBC lottery of 25 lakhs in 2022 and it’s not as complex as it was in the past. For the chance to win, you must have an active SIM. All you have to do is to ensure that your SIM fully charged. It will automatically register you in your chance to win the KBC WhatsApp lottery.

To increase your chance in winning the 60 million jackpot, you must make sure that your SIM is regularly recharged. You can be the lucky winner twice per month on the 16th and the 29th.

When you have won the lottery KBC head office can call the winner and provide an identification number. This number can be used to search for lottery results on the website of KBC. We also provide our customers with details about KBC. We offer the most up-to-date news announcements, information, and news about KBC and also the list of winners from KBC contests.

The Scam and the Fraud

A number of scam and fraud instances are reported to KBC in which suspicious individuals call Online KBC Game customers to take advantage of their personal information and request cash to be deposited in their accounts. Scammers have been contacting clients via their email addresses, phone numbers texts, or some even WhatsApp messages. Pakistani numbers are also utilized to scam customers. The numbers start with country code +92, and +93.

KBC has advised its customers to not divulge their personal details to un-trusted sources, particularly when they request funds to be deposited in their accounts. Also, customers have been recommended not to reply to these texts, WhatsApp messages, or emails.

If you’ve received texts, calls and WhatsApp messages that claim you’ve received a lottery ticket, you should reach the KBC head office to verify if the information is true. You can reach our representatives using our KBC head office phone number: +19188444111

Telephone Number Contact Number: +19188444111

WhatsApp Number WhatsApp Number: +19188444111

KBC is renowned for its excellent and cooperative customer service services. Their representatives are on hand 24 hours a day to help you with all your questions and keep you informed of the most recent news regarding KBC


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