KBC Registration Online KBC Registration 2022

KBC Registration Online KBC Registration 2022

The process of registration for the online Sony KBC Game as well as other lotteries has been made simpler by KBC because they’re now associated with each SIM that is registered in India. In turn that all SIM holders from India participate to KBC’s lottery. KBC lottery. This means that everyone has a chance for the less fortunate to participate in the KBC’s lucky draw and to win exciting prizes. The initiative was created to help the poor, and the poor in India.

KBC Lottery Registration

The whole KBC registration procedure is managed by us. This allows customers to self-register in the lottery and don’t need to fill out additional forms or providing their personal details. All they need to do is take possession of an active SIM and make sure that it is active all the time. It is also essential that they charge their SIMS regularly.

An excellent way to increase the chances in winning KBC WhatsApp lottery to ensure that their SIM constantly recharged. The prizes can reach 60,000,000, based on the frequency of recharges to your activated SIM card. By participating in this game, players stand an opportunity to win thrilling cash prizes every month!

Prize Announcements to Winners to All India Sim Card Lucky Draw

Beware of scammers as it has come by us that individuals receive text messages, or WhatsApp emails informing them that they are being the winner of the KBC lottery and requesting the recipients to transfer money to the account of the winner. Furthermore the scammers have taken and used the private information of KBC participants.

All winners from KBC’s Online KBC Game are updated by text message or WhatsApp message to their mobile numbers that are registered. They will receive a notification of the lottery number, which they can use to locate winners on the official KBC websiteAll India Sim Card Lucky Draw registration is open to anyone located in India.

Because winner of the lottery is revealed two times every month, winners are announced fairly often. So, you need to be informed of the most recent announcements and news about KBC. One method to keep up to the latest announcements concerning KBC’s All India JIO SIM Card Lucky Draw is regularly checking our website. Here, we provide the latest information, news as well as information on KBC lucky draws and other lotteries.

Be Safe from scams

KBC recommends that all participants contact their head office immediately when they receive suspicious emails, texts and WhatsApp communications from unidentified sources. Customers can contact KBC by contacting the information for their head office:

WhatsApp Number +19188444111

KBC Headquarters +19188444111

Contact us via the contact details above and our representatives will help you in the most efficient wayand will ensure that you are safe from fraudsters. We are available 24/7, which means you can connect anytime and we’ll be on hand to assist you with any questions you may have and give you the most up-to-date details about the KBC lottery.


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