Vodafone Lottery Winner 2021

Vodafone is one of the biggest networks in India and hence, it has teamed up with Kaun Banega Crorepati KBC head office to help those in need through the Vodafone lottery. How does the Vodafone lottery work? When is the draw? Who is the Vodafone lottery winner 2021? Visit our official KBC website to know more!

How to Register for Vodafone Lottery?

If you are thinking of entering the KBC lucky draw and couldn’t find the lottery ticket, you can get registered using the Vodafone lottery. How? Do you have a Vodafone sim? If not, buy a new one right away.

As soon as you buy the Vodafone ticket, use the number to register for the lucky draw. Sounds easy, right? Now, since you have registered for the draw, log on to our website to check for details.

Enter your name and number for confirmation. Moreover, through the website, you’ll be able to keep updated with the draw and the list of winners.

Vodafone Lottery Winner 2021

If you have any doubts about the Vodafone lottery, you can always check our website for the winners. Here are the winners of the Vodafone lottery 2021:

  1. Mr. Ravi Sharma (25 lacs)
  2. Mr. Anthony Prasanna J (25 lacs)
  3. Mr. Gourave Chana (25 lacs)
  4. Ms. Ruchi Malviya (25 lacs)
  5. Ms. Maya S Nair (45 lacs)

If you look at the list of winners, you’ll see that you can easily win prize money ranging from 25 to 45 lacs through the Vodafone lottery. moreover, it is very easy t participate in the draw. You do not have to spend hours in line to buy the lottery ticket and search for places the give out the list of winners.

All you have to do is buy a new Vodafone sim card and use the number to register for the draw. And visit our KBC website to check the list of winners.

When is the Next Vodafone Lottery Lucky Draw?

Vodafone has already announced a couple of winners this year. But you still have a chance to participate in the draw in the year 2022. For this, you have to buy the Vodafone and register for the draw.

As soon as the new season of Kaun Banega Crorepati KBC head office india number will be aired on television, the draw will start. The KBC lottery winners are announced daily and the list is updated on the website. So yes, your chances to win the draw are high.

The draw is fair and simple. And the winners are then contacted by the management to verify the details before the prize money is handed over to them. Why should you go for the Vodafone lottery? This is because it is very easy and safe to play.

Your information will be in safe hands and the prize amount is huge too. So, before the 13th season of KBC started, buy your Vodafone sim and register for the lucky draw to get your chance at winning the lottery prize.

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