Which show played an inspirational role for Kaun Banega Crore Pati?

What is the format of the most popular game show KBC?

There is much similarity in the format of Who wants To Be Millionaire? And Kaun Banega Crore Pati. As both of these shows contains the series of multiple-choice questions that are being asked throughout the game show in or der to win the prize money. There are total of 13 questions in the Kaun Bange Crore Pati.

What is the DOSRA MAUKA in KBC?

The people who are excluded by the society or are not much active socially are given the chance to win a prize money. Such people are given another chance to lie their lives happily. That’s why this is called as a DOSRA MAUKA. Sonali Mukherjee was an acid victim. She was residing in Jharkhand and was coming up frequently in the news through the NGOs. NGOs were reaching people to help Sonali financially so that her face surgery can be done.

As Sonali was incapable of gathering funds for her face surgery that was necessary after got affected due to the effects of acid on the skin of the face. For this purpose, Lara Dutta was approached to play the game so that prize money could help Sonali for her face surgery. Similarly, on 13th of January 2013, Manoj Kumar along with Manoj Bajpai got the chance to win the prize money. Manoj Kumar was a Mahadalit.

What questions were being asked in the episodes of KBC?

To get an insight into the type or nature of questions that get their way to the computer screens of those sitting on the hot seat, there here are the details of the Kaun Banega Crore Pati episode 11 of season 13 that was aired on 6th of September in the year 2021.

The show started with the fine entry of the greatest celebrity of Indian cinema Mr. Amitabh Bachan. He then introduced the contestants that would compete to get the hot seat. There were total of ten contestants who were competing via quiz questions to get the opportunity of the hot seat.

The first contestant was Datta Laxman Jadhav who was a student from Solapur, Maharashtra. Next contestant was DeenDayal Maneklal Kathik who was a police head constable and lived in Daman. Kinnari Joshi who was the next contestant was from Ahmadabad Gujrat and was an Assistant curator museum by profession. A software engineer named Kunal Sharma from New Dehli also took part in the show.

The next contestant was Manoj Kumar Yadav from Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh and was a school head master. Dr. Sanchali Chakraborty was from Kolkata West Bengal and was a pediatrician by profession. Next contestant was Tushar Bharadwaj who was a dean of activities from Tezpur Assam. Ashutosh Shukla was a banker from Kanpur Uttar Pradesh.

Next contestant was Kalpana Singh from Gwalior Madhya Pradesh who was the principal of school. After came up the introduction of the contestant Kalpana Dutta. She was a homemaker from Thane Maharashtra.

The first question that was asked from these above-mentioned ten contestants was, “Which of these spices is usually the smallest in the size?” The options to this question were Black pepper, Clove, Mustard seeds and tamarind. The correct answer to this question was Mustard seeds. All the contestants answered the question accurately except three of them.

The individual who gave the fastest answer was Ashutosh Shukla. Next question for the hot seat was, “Which of these creatures has the highest average life span?” The options to this question were Rhinoceros, Scorpio, Elephant and tortoise. The correct answer was tortoise.

Only three contestants out of ten were unable to answer this question. Kalpana Singh answered this question in the most lesser time than all the other contestants. Next question then asked was, “In which of these cities did the metro bus began first?”

The options for this question were Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Bengaluru. The correct answer was Kolkata. Every contestant gave the right answer except Kalpana Dutta. Manoj Kumar Yadav answered the question with the fastest speed. As per the results of the score board that was on the screen. The qualified contestant in this quiz round for hot seat was Kalpana Singh.

The host of the show Mr. Amitabh Bachan made every detail of the show clear to the qualified contestant of fastest finger test. The details include that there is a pyramid shaped framework of 13 questions. The milestone or safe reach prize money were at 10 thousand rupees and 3 Lac 20 thousand rupees.

There is total four lifelines in the game show. The names of the lifelines are audience poll, Fifty-fifty, flip the question or ask an expert or expert advice. The expert for this episode of KBC was RanjitSingh Disale who was a teacher. Akshant Singh who was the son of the qualified contestant Kalpana Singh was accompanying her as a partner.

The very first question of the episode came up on the computer screen. The question was, “Which of these would you order of you are craving a coffee?” The options for this question were Espresso, Mojito, Shikanji and Thandai. The contestant selected the answer Espresso that was the right answer to the question and she won 10 thousand rupees.

The next question that was the second question was, “what word completes the line of a popular bhajan by Narendra Chanchal CHALO BULAWA AYA HAI, _____ BULAWA AYA HAI. The options to this question were Baba, Mata, Thakur and Balaji. The correct answer was given by the contestant that was Mata.

She won 2 thousand rupees after the previous question. The next third question was, “Which of these names means FLOWERS in Persian language?” The options for this question were Afsaana, Shabnam, Gul and Kaniz. The correct answer was Gul and Kalpana Singh answered the same.

The next question was, “According to the Indian scriptures, Lord Rama was born on which tithi?” The options were Ashtami, Navami, Dashmi and Ekadashmi. The contestant Kalpana Singh answered the B option Navami that was the correct answer to the question. Next fifth question was for 10 thousand rupees and was, “This stamp commemorates whose ascent to Mount Everest?”

Then the contestant Kalpana Singh was given a view to an image of a stamp on the screen.The options to this question were Junko Tabei, Autar Singh Cheema, Santosh Yadava and Edmund Hillary-Tenzing Norgay. The contestant did not know the answer and went with the lifeline fifty-fifty. The left options after the lifeline were Junko Tabei and Edmund Hillary-Tenzing Norgay. The contestant answered Edmund Hillary-Tenzing Norgay and she got 10 thousand rupees as the selected option was the right one.

The next question was based on an image that was to be viewed on the screen. The question was, “This is the flag of which country?” After the question, an image was shown on the screen. The options given were Algeria, Indonesia, Malysia and South Korea. The contestant did not know the answer so she used another lifeline audience poll. The audiences answered the D option that was South Korea in Majority percentage of 77%. Kalpana Singh also answered the option South Korea and won 40 thousand rupees.

The next question was, “Techniques such as Produnova, Yurchenko, Tsukahara are all associated with which of the mentioned sport below?” The options to this question were Archery, Gymnastics, Shot put and judo. The contestant answered Gymnastics and it was the right answer. The next question was, “Which is the fastest running flying bird in the world?” The options were Great roadrunner, Lesser roadrunner, Ostrich and emu. Kalpana did not know the answer and went with the third remaining lifeline flip the question.

Before flipping the question, host asked Kalpana to guess the answer. The answer she gave was Great roadrunner which was the right answer. She selected the MY CITY, MY STATE for the flip question. The new question instead of the previous question was, “Who was the first chief minister of Madhya Pradesh to serve two consecutives full-five-year terms?” The options to this question were Kailashnath Katju, Arjun Singh, Motilal Vora and Digvijaya Singh. Kalpana Singh answered the option D Digvijaya Singh and it was the right answer to the flipped question. The next question had prize money of 3 Lac 20 thousand rupees and was, “Which of these countries is not a part of the Quadrilateral security dialogue or the Quad?”

The options to this question were United States, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. The contestant Kalpana Singh did not know the answer and chose the fourth and the last lifeline that was Ask an expert. The expert was then appeared on the screen and he was asked about the answer to the question. He answered C option New Zealand. Kalapana went with the same answer and won the prize money as it was the right answer. The next question was, “Which of these politicians started her career as a school teacher?”

The options for this question were Sushma Swaraj, Mayawati, Pratibha Patil and Nirmala Sitharaman. Kalpana Singh did not exactly know the answer of the question but after takin some time she chose the option D that was Nirmala Sitharaman. But the right answer to this question was Mayawati. And Kalpana chose the wrong answer. Total prize money she won was 3 Lac 20 thousand rupees. The prize money was immediately transferred to her bank account Infront of her.

In the same episode, another round of fastest finger test was taken. The first question that came up on the screens of the contestant was, “Which of these is the longest?” The options were Dedh Gaj, Dhai gaj, Sava gaj and Aik Gaj. The correct answer was Dhai gaj. All the contestants answered accurately except the Dr. Sanchali Chakraborty and Kalpana Dutta. The fastest of them was Deendayal Maniklal Khatik.

The second question was, “Starting from March, which of these seasons will come first?” The options were Vasant, Grishma, Varsha and Sharad. The correct answer was Vasant. Only four contestants answered the correct option. The individual who answered in most lesser time was Manoj Kumar Yadav. Next question was, “Which of these monuments was built first?” The options for this question were Raj Ghat Delhi, Sun temple Konark, Charminar Hyderabad and Ashoka Pillar Sarnath.

The correct answer was Ashoka Pillar Sarnath. Five contestants answered the correct option and the fastest of them all was Tushar Bharadwaj. As per the results shown on the screen via score board, Tushar Bharadwaj got the chance of sitting on the hot seat.

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